Bell Mag No. 2 - blue 7
06.05.2008 - 27.06.2008

Bell Vol. 2 and bell box; from May 16 - June 27, 2008 presented by CREATE BERLIN

The second issue of Bell Magazine titled “blue 7” will be released on May 5, 2008, as a limited edition collector box with contributions created especially around the theme “blue 7.” The exclusive box was created in cooperation with bell and CREATE BERLIN, the initiative for Berlin creativity and design.

In its second issue, Bell Magazine and the Bell Box focus conceptually on the "blue-seven” phenomenon." Since the 70s, it's been a known fact that when people are asked about their favourite colour and number, the majority will list the colour “blue” and the number "7." Bell Vol 2. investigates this mass cultural phenomenon of ours while simultaneously raising standards of beauty and design.

Featuring theoretical contributions as well as design and art objects, the creative contributors take on such questions of our time: Is it desirable to create art or design that appeals to a large audience? Should art and design cater to an audience or provoke them? Does one, as a designer or artist, use his or her own insight to appeal to mass taste, or does oen seek to change this taste through creativity alone?

In interpreting these questions, bell gave the artists, designers, architects and theoreticians free creative reign to explore. By itself, the title "blue 7"” compels designers to develop the creative objects and artistic contributions according to their individual visions and to take up positions in relation to their work in the interviews featured in the accompanying Bell Magazine.

The diverse nature of the box has been shaped by artists and designers and features a special musician-designed music box by FS Blumm (Morr Music), jewelry made from purple rubber by product designer Ursula Bonderer, as well as a poster created by street-artist Nomad. Designer Andrea Pößnicker has also produced for the box an extravagant currency for consumers with an affinity for design.

Addressing theoretically the theme "blue 7"” lies with Design Professor Charly Frech (founder of Next At), philosopher Jörg Schäfer and Inga Wellmann (Einstein Forum), who take up their positions on the mass phenomenon in either a very personal manner or in the form of an objective analysis.

The release of Bell Vol. 2 will also be accompanied by an exhibition at the CREATE BERLIN Showroom from May 15 - June 27, 2008. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the presentation, creative curiosity and a passion for collecting is likely to be rediscovered. During the opening celebration, artists and designers will present their ideas in person.

With "blue 7," Bell and CREATE BERLIN present an extraordinary overall concept and unparalleled critical showing of art & design!

Facts and Details
Release date and opening reception at the CREATE BERLIN Showroom | May 16.2008
Box dimensions | 26 x 18 x 9 cm
Magazine | 64 pages (optional 80 pages)
Price | 80 Euro
Edition | 500 copies

Pre-order available at:

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  • 1289952000Zukunftsgespräch | Möbel, Marken und Maschinen – Wer braucht Design aus Berlin?
  • 1290038400Mark Braun@ DMY Design Gallery
  • 1290211200DesignSmash @ Open Design City
  • 1290643200CODE - Die 80 Besten
  • 1290988800Town Hall Meeting
  • 1291075200Sweater Rehab!
  • 1291161600Jury Meeting
  • 1291248000Forget Berlin!
  • 1291248000Design & Company Exkursion, Semperlux
  • 1291593600D&C Sprechstunde: Recht für Designer/innen
  • 1291680000Pimp your tea cup!
  • 1291852800Opening Baerck Concept Store
  • 1292198400D&C Sprechstunde: Recht für Designer/innen
  • 1292198400BAROCCO-CODE
  • 1292284800Das kleine 1x1 des Rechts für Designer/-innen
  • 1292284800Space Invaders Nelken-Orangen
  • 1292371200CREATE INPUT:
  • 1292457600Das kleine 1x1 des Rechts für Designer/-innen
  • 1292457600Konferenz zur Förderung des Unternehmertums in der Kreativwirtschaft
  • 1292889600Christmas Shopping at Almstadtstrasse
  • 1293148800Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us!
  • 1295222400DIY-Wintersterne/ Meet-Up
  • 1295395200Mikenke für Dr. Hauschka
  • 1295481600Mikenke für Dr. Hauschka
  • 1295568000Mikenke für Dr. Hauschka
  • 1295827200Action Weaving mit Travis
  • 1296086400All You Can Meet
  • 1296172800DAS Weekend
  • 129617280036 Hertz
  • 1296259200Lange Nacht der Museen
  • 1296432000Siebdruck mit Matt
  • 1296518400Transmediale
  • 1297036800Schmuck mit Anda
  • 1297123200Design & Company: Workshopreihe 2011 | Infoveranstaltung
  • 1297296000Berlinale
  • 1297728000Design & Company: Vortrag | Kommunikationsbranche Berlin: Einblicke
  • 1297900800Design & Company: Vortrag | Akquisition: Auftraggeber neu gewinnen und halten
  • 1297900800Design & Company: Exkursion | DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung
  • 1298678400Cognitive Cities Conference - Day 1
  • 1298764800Cognitive Cities Conference - Day 2
  • 1299024000Berliner Bank - Guter Rat für Kreative
  • 1299456000Upcycle it! Küchenporzellan
  • 1299542400Design & Company: Vortrag | Konfliktlösung: Wenn´s knirscht in der Kundenbeziehung
  • 1299715200Design & Company: Vortrag | Renaissance der Regeln – Balance der Freiheiten
  • 1300060800Upcycle it! Origami aus Altpapier
  • 1300233600Vortrag - EXPO Shanghai 2010: BERLIN SQUARE
  • 1300406400MaerzMusik
  • 1300406400Design & Company: Exkursion | System 180
  • 1300492800Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 1300665600Upcycle & Swap Abend
  • 1301097600Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 1301266800Upcycle it! Plastiktüten
  • 1301353200CREATE INPUT - Open Design: Products in a networked culture.
  • 1301526000Help Japan! Get together - gemeinsam hilft man besser.
  • 13020444006. - 9. April 2011 - Pictoplasma Character Walk
  • 13021308006. - 9. April 2011 - Pictoplasma Conference
  • 13023036009. April 2011 - Pictoplasma grand finale
  • 1302562800Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011 / Milan Design Week
  • 1303254000Jährliche Mitgliederversammlung
  • 1303513200Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 1304118000Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 1305154800Farbwerte-Rot - HEPL JAPAN
  • 1305241200Design & Company: Exkursion | Wissenschafts- und Technologiepark Adlershof
  • 1305586800Design & Company: Gesprächsrunde | Signale geben, selbst und ständig
  • 1305759600TYPO Berlin 2011 Shift
  • 1305932400Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 130610520050 Jahre Amnesty International
  • 130645080050 Jahre Amnesty International - Verleihung des Menschenrechtspreises
  • 1306537200Malzreise - Führung durch die historische Malzfabrik
  • 1306710000CYO - Create Your Own 2011 | Mass Customization Conference
  • 1306710000Ausstellung “Mass Customization – Freiheit und Grenzen”
  • 1306882800DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1306882800Konferenz: Brand New Germany – Perspektiven für die deutsche Kreativwirtschaft in Asien
  • 1306882800POETRY HAPPENS @ DMY Design Festival
  • 1306969200Book Launch Open Design Now - DMY Berlin
  • 1307142000OPENING - Life Drawing Workshop
  • 1307142000SUBSTITUTES - Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • 1307142000Malzwiese - Das große Sommerfest der Malzfabrik
  • 1307660400LUXURY LEISURE:
  • 1308524400Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Kunden gewonnen, Seele behalten: Akquisition für Designer/-innen
  • 1308524400Vorwärts in die Zukunft: Design und Architektur als Impulsgeber der Beleuchtung
  • 1308610800Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Geld oder Leben: Überzeugender verhandeln
  • 1308697200C'n'B - Creativity & Business Convention
  • 1308870000Berlin Del Mar - Performancefestival
  • 1309388400Basic Instincts
  • 1309993200Rosen & Eiskrem
  • 1309993200Lernen vom Profi - Vortrag mit anschließender offener Diskussionsrunde
  • 1310079600Rosen & Eiskrem
  • 1311980400Berlin Del Mar - Performancefestival
  • 1312412400Tag der Offenen Tür bei der Berliner Bank
  • 1313017200D.N.A. Die Neue Art Direction.
  • 1313708400Versus – Ulli Beyer in der F40 Galerie
  • 131379480020. - 27. August 2011: World Peace Festival
  • 1314313200Poète maudit – Charles Baudelaire. Eine Hommage zum 144. Todestag
  • 1314831600D.N.A. Die Neue Art Direction. Finissage Party
  • 1314918000IFA
  • 1314918000Vernissage LOCAL: HERO
  • 1315004400Torstrassen Festival
  • 1315177200Internationaler Medienkongress
  • 1315177200frog Portfolio Slam - Open Call for Design Talent
  • 1315263600Fresh Ideas, Future Technologies, Art and Design
  • 1315350000Popkomm
  • 1315350000Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin
  • 1315436400Design & Company: Sprechstunde | Finanzen, Kalkulation und Absicherung für Designer/-innen
  • 1315522800Design & Company: Sprechstunde | Finanzen, Kalkulation und Absicherung für Designer/-innen
  • 1315868400Design & Company: Vortrag | Das kleine 1x1 des Vertriebs für Designer/-innen
  • 1315868400Design & Company: Vortrag | Das kleine 1x1 des Vertriebs für Designer/-innen
  • 1316041200LINIST: Berlin meets Istanbul
  • 1316041200Design & Company: Vortrag | Erst die Idee und dann der Auftrag? Kriterien zur Vertragsgestaltung und Auftragsabwicklung
  • 1316214000Hello Etsy - A Summit on Small Business and Sustainability
  • 1316646000Ideen für die Tonne - Ausstellung des Wettbewerbs "Trenntmöbel gesucht!"
  • 1317164400CREATE INPUT SPEZIAL: MS Wissenschaft
  • 1317250800Art Forum Berlin
  • 1317337200IHK Berlin in schwarz-rot-gold.
  • 1317423600People in beta - Festival im betahaus
  • 1318374000Festival of Light
  • 1318806000Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Das Wort zum Bild: Texten, Schreiben, Formulieren für Designer/-innen
  • 1318892400Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Pressearbeit für Designer/-innen: In die Medien kommen und dort bleiben
  • 1319583600Qubique - Next Generation Trade Show
  • 1319756400Frühstücksgespräch | Designszene Berlin & Posen
  • 1319756400Designer's Open in Leipzig
  • 1319842800Blooom - The Creative Industries Art Show
  • 1320710400Berlin: Welthauptstadt der Kreativen – Herausforderungen und Chancen
  • 1321488000Design & Company: Beratung, Finanzierung, Ideenschutz und Verwertung:
  • 1321488000Domus Academy & CREATE Berlin Vortrag: Was macht (italienische) Designer so erfolgreich?
  • 1323475200KuDamm 101 Hotel Room Happening 2011
  • 1326931200Fundraising 2.0 camp & conference
  • 1327017600CREATE GREEN Fashion Frühstück
  • 1327190400Welt-Möbel-Tag
  • 1327536000Create Berlin Stammtisch
  • 1327968000transmediale - in/compatible
  • 1328140800cut&paste
  • 1328572800All You Can Meet - Neujahrstreffen der Berliner Netzwerke
  • 1328745600Lola Güldenberg präsentiert: Farb- und Materialreport 2013
  • 1329350400Design & Company: Vortrag | Facebook und XING: Ich bin dabei, und nun?
  • 1330128000Photo Hack Day
  • 1330300800Semperlux präsentiert: Von der Idee zum fertigen Produkt: Wenn Architekten Leuchten gestalten
  • 1330646400Design & Company: Exkursion | Bombardier Transportation
  • 1330992000Design & Company: Vortrag | Das Projekt im Blick: systematisch abgelegt statt verzettelt
  • 1331683200CREATE INPUT 01/2012 - Trends 2013 mit Lola Güldenberg
  • 1332115200Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Designer/-innen als Unternehmer/-innen: Selbstverständnis und Wirkung
  • 1332201600Design & Company: Tagesworkshop | Gemeinsam zum Ziel: Mitarbeiterführung und Teamaufbau in der Designwirtschaft
  • 1332288000trendforum 2012
  • 1332374400BRAZILIAN DESIGN – Klassiker der Moderne und zeitgenössische Avantgarde
  • 1334530800MCAD Open House Lectures # 29
  • 1334617200Design & Company: Workshopreihe 2012
  • 1335135600Match-Making-Event: KMU - Kreativwirtschaft & Mittelstand United
  • 1335308400CREATE INPUT 02/2012 - Kapital sucht Sinn mit Eric Poettschacher
  • 1335913200Kooperationsabend designtransfer UdK Berlin und ZEITLOS – BERLIN
  • 1336086000D&C Sprechstunde: Selbsteinschätzung und individuelle Zielsetzung im Beruf
  • 1336345200D&C Sprechstunde: Selbsteinschätzung und individuelle Zielsetzung im Beruf
  • 1336518000Vortrag: Modemarketing - The Art of Storytelling
  • 1336604400H.O.M.E. präsentiert: Milano ha stile!
  • 1336777200SUPERMARKT Grand Opening
  • 1337122800CREATE INPUT 03/12
  • 1338505200D&C Sprechstunde: Selbsteinschätzung und Unternehmenspositionierung
  • 1338505200The World is Not Fair - Die große Weltausstellung 2012
  • 1338591600Malzwiese 2012 - großes Sommerfest der Malzfabrik Berlin
  • 1338764400D&C Sprechstunde: Selbsteinschätzung und Unternehmenspositionierung
  • 1338937200DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1339023600NACHTSCHICHT - Lange Nacht der Designstudios
  • 13391964006. Berliner Unternehmerinnentag
  • 1339196400Eröffnung der Buchhandlung ocelot am 9. Juni 2012
  • 1339369200D&C Tagesworkshop: Und was machst du so? Selbstvermarktung für Designer/-innen
  • 1339455600D&C Tagesworkshop: Das liebe Geld - Design-Honorare gestalten, verhandeln und Kunden binden
  • 1339455600Seminar "Visual Brand Design: From Aesthetics to Narrative"
  • 13397148001339761798
  • 1339714800BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin
  • 1340146800CREATE INPUT 04/12 - Benjamin Förster Baldenius (raumlabor)
  • 1340146800C'n'B Creativity and Business Convention
  • 1340233200Service Design Network Germany Conference 2012
  • 1340838000PARK WITH US im Kulturpark im Plänterwald
  • 1341270000Workshop "material meets design"
  • 1341270000Berlin Fashion Week
  • 1341270000Berlin Fashion Film Festival
  • 1341356400Dutch Touch @ PREMIUM Fashion Show
  • 1341442800ecoShowroom zur Fashion Week
  • 1341529200CREATE Green Frühstück zum Thema "Jeans"
  • 1342220400Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin - Rundgang
  • 1342306800Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin - Rundgang
  • 1344553200DesignCities:Berlin
  • 1344553200"Die Zukunft der Produktion - eine Gesprächsrunde"
  • 1344985200CREATE INPUT 05/12
  • 1345676400Vernissage und House Warming in den neuen Galerieräumen der design akademie berlin
  • 1345762800Fukuoka Fashion Event
  • 1345762800Tendence in Frankfurt
  • 1345849200design.Börse Berlin 2012
  • 1345849200Tendence in Frankfurt
  • 1345935600design.Börse Berlin 2012
  • 1345935600Tendence in Frankfurt
  • 1346022000Tendence in Frankfurt
  • 1346108400Tendence in Frankfurt
  • 1346367600Farbfest am Bauhaus Dessau - STATT FARBE: LICHT
  • 1346454000Farbfest am Bauhaus Dessau - STATT FARBE: LICHT
  • 1346626800Medienkongress im Rahmen der MEDIENWOCHE@IFA
  • 1346626800Panel: Open IHK - Was Kreativwirtschaft und IHK voneinander erwarten
  • 1346713200Medienkongress im Rahmen der MEDIENWOCHE@IFA
  • 1346886000Neues Design & Company Format - Der Strategiekreis am Küchentisch
  • 1346972400All You Can Meet: Music
  • 1347231600Xinnovations 2012
  • 1347318000Berlin Art Week
  • 1347490800JITTER’s WUNDERBLOCK
  • 1347836400Preisverleihung bf-preis 2012
  • 1348009200CREATE INPUT 06/12
  • 1348095600d.confestival - Design Thinking The Future in Potsdam
  • 1348182000Coaching für Designer/-innen: Berufliche Orientierung, Work-Life-Balance
  • 1348182000Workshop von Lola Güldenberg - Wie aus Trends Innovationen werden
  • 1348441200 Coaching für Designer/-innen: Berufliche Orientierung, Work-Life-Balance
  • 1348614000"Think, talk, take action" - Erste EcoPrint Messe in Berlin
  • 1348614000Besuchsreise polnische Produktionsunternehmen Posen und Region Großpolen
  • 1348700400 Vortrag | Fotos in der Unternehmenskommunikation: Urheberrecht, Nutzungsrecht, Persönlichkeitsrecht
  • 1349046000 DMY Awards & Jury Selection 2012
  • 1349046000Open Design Guide - Erste Kreativ-Residenz aus Linz
  • 1349650800NEXT Service Design Konferenz
  • 1349823600CREATE INPUT 07/12
  • 1349996400Designmeile Berlin
  • 1350082800Safety Speed Comfort
  • 1350946800IDZ: Strategiekreis am Küchentisch
  • 1351033200Hersteller – Matchmaking und B2B Konferenz Concordia Design
  • 1351206000Designer's Open - Festival für Design in Leipzig
  • 1351206000Retune Conference
  • 1351468800Tagesworkshop: Social Media Strategien für Kunden gestalten
  • 1351468800Etsy-Weihnachtsausstellung
  • 1351555200Tagesworkshop: Die Facebook Fanpage für das Eigenmarketing nutzen
  • 1351555200Zukunftsdialog: Entreperneurship - Selbstständig machen und bleiben
  • 1351728000BLOOM 2012
  • 1352246400EVA-Konferenz Berlin 2012
  • 1352332800Vortrag | Vernetzte Kommunikation: Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten und Perspektiven für Designer
  • 1352419200WIR SIND DAS VOLK - 6000 Farbkugeln - Eine Botschaft
  • 1353024000Trendwalk zum Thema Berliner Manufakturen
  • 1353456000CREATE INPUT 08/12
  • 1353888000Tagesworkshop: Schnittstelle Analog & Digital Media: neue Konzepte und ihre wirksame Vermittlung
  • 1354665600JITTER's Wunderblock / No.3
  • 1354665600SUPERGRAU® Tea Party
  • 1354752000“Beats, Bier und bezaubernde Berliner”
  • 1355356800Das endymische Mondfest in der IMAGO 1:1 - Blackbox der Imagination
  • 1358208000BREAD & BUTTER
  • 1358208000Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • 1358294400BREAD & BUTTER
  • 1358294400Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • 1358380800BREAD & BUTTER
  • 1358380800Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • 1358380800CREATE Green Frühstück auf der Ethical Fashion Show
  • 1358467200Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • 1359417600CREATE LUNCH
  • 1360022400CREATE LUNCH
  • 1360195200TREND + FARBE + MATERIAL 2014
  • 1360627200CREATE LUNCH
  • 1360713600CREATE INPUT
  • 1360800000IDZ Design & Company Workshopreihe 2013
  • 1361232000CREATE LUNCH
  • 1361404800ALL YOU CAN MEET 2013
  • 1361836800CREATE LUNCH
  • 1362009600IDZ Design & Company Vortrag
  • 1362441600CREATE LUNCH
  • 1362614400Etsy & Berlin Design Guide
  • 1362960000IDZ Design & Company Tagesworkshop
  • 1363046400CREATE LUNCH
  • 1363305600IDZ Produktionsbesuche Mode- und Textilbranche Lodz, Polen
  • 1363824000IDZ Design & Company Strategiekreis am Küchentisch
  • 1363910400IDZ Design & Company Exkursion
  • 1365634800IDZ Design & Company Workshopreihe 2013 - Vorrunde
  • 1367794800IDZ Design & Company Sprechstunde
  • 1367881200IDZ Design & Company Sprechstunde
  • 1368054000CODEMOTION BERLIN - Workshop Day
  • 1368140400CODEMOTION BERLIN - Conference Day
  • 1368226800CODEMOTION BERLIN - Conference Day
  • 1368399600IDZ Design & Company Tagesworkshop
  • 1369695600IDZ Design & Company Vortrag
  • 1370386800DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1370473200DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1370559600DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1370559600IDZ Design & Company Portfolioberatung
  • 1370646000DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1370732400DMY International Design Festival Berlin
  • 1370818800IDZ Design & Company Portfolioberatung
  • 1375916400WE CREATE BERLIN // Vernissage
  • 1376002800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376089200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376175600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376262000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376348400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376434800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376521200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376607600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376694000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376780400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376866800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1376953200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377039600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377126000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377212400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377212400IDZ Design & Company Exkursion: Holz- und Kunststoffplatten, Erwin Krüger KG
  • 1377298800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377385200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377471600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377558000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377644400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377730800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377817200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377903600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1377990000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378076400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378162800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378249200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378335600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378422000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378422000IDZ Design & Company Sprechstunde: „Her mit dem Geld!“
  • 1378508400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378594800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378681200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378681200IDZ Design & Company Sprechstunde: „Her mit dem Geld!“
  • 1378767600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378767600IDZ Design & Company Vortrag: Service Design: Dienstleistungen gestalten
  • 1378854000WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1378940400WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1379026800WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1379113200WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1379199600WE CREATE BERLIN
  • 1379199600BUY! BUY! - Die Ausstellungsstücke im Direktverkauf
  • 1379286000IDZ Design & Company Tagesworkshop: Was kommunizierst du? Persönliche Wirkung im (Arbeits-)Alltag
  • 1379372400IDZ Design & Company Tagesworkshop: Wer ist der Bestimmer? Konstruktives Arbeiten mit dem „Inneren Team”

Designers from Finland
04.04.2008 - 04.05.2008

CREATE BERLIN presents award winner designers from Finland

The Finnish Design Association presents the award-winning Finnish designers and artists from the 2007 annual Finnish Designers Exhibition.

The award-winning designers and artists of 2007 will be presented by HelsinKissBerlin in the showroom of CREATE BERLIN, the initiative for Berlin creativity and design, from April 4th – May 4th 2008, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, as well as on the weekends from noon to 6:00pm.
The Finnish Designers Exhibition ’07 opens on April 4th, 2008, at 8:00pm at CREATE BERLIN, Wallstrasse 16, 10179 Berlin. Welcome!

Graphic Designer 2007: dog design. Ilona Ilottu, Petri Samela and Eeva Sivula

Ilona Ilottu, Petri Salmela und Eeva Sivula, together known as the graphic design group dog design, have been known throughout Finland for 15 years via their work in Visual Communication. The clear and innovative lines of dog design’s work delight viewers through the outstanding quality of their various visual projects, from the stamps and book covers to the look of the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki 2007. dog design puts emphasis on the function of their products, without ever neglecting the application of exceptional aesthetics and design as well. dog design has been a vital asset to the value and progression of Finnish design.

Fashion Designer 2007: Anna-Kaisa Huttunen

The Fashion Designer Anna-Kaisa Huttunen is back in Finland after spending several years abroad. Her specialty is the rapidly expanding field of Occupational Outfitting, with emphasis on entrepreneurs. Her projects are international, with Paris acting as her fulcrum for over ten years. Anna-Kaisa Huttunens works currently with the Finnish airline Finnair, incorporating ideas from both France and Lebanon. Huttunen also spent years teaching Fashion Design at the Esmod School in Lebanon, as well as in China. Huttunen exerts an ever-growing influence on the design scene via her unique creative techniques on both Finland and the world abroad.

Industrial Designer 2007: Matti Makkonen

When one thinks of Industrial Designer Matti Makkonen, the first thing that comes to mind is innovation. For over 30 years, he has been engaged with a plethora of exceedingly different design projects: from the tiniest pipettes, to industrial machines, to ocean liners. Not to mention the fact that the Finnish mobile phone “Mobira Cityman” bears his signature. His integrated approach stands for ergonomics and practical adaptability, and is made possibly through the unprecedented creativity and productivity of his team of engineers and colleagues. Makkonen objects are clearly identified via their durability and coherent designs. Matti Makkonen is the leading partner of Ed-Design, the Turkey-based Design Initiative.

Furniture Designer 2007: Antti Kotilainen

The Furniture Designer Antti Kotilainen has applied herself to several multifaceted projects, from complete and elaborate fixtures in public schools to arrangements in several different interior decoration projects from Formel-I-Rennstrecken. Antti Kotilainen puts special emphasis on raising the level of comfort and well-being in public places. She and her products find themselves currently engaged in a team effort with renounced firms of the furniture industry, such as Piiroinen, who has existed as an intensive contact for 7 years. Also, the firm known in professional circles as “Chip-Stuhl” reflects the clear concept design of Antti Kotilainen especially well, and is a fundamental element of her legend of achievement.

Textile Designer 2007: Niran Baibulat

Niran Baibulat’s textile design is known through a special connection to natural appearance. Through her numerous fields of application, she demonstrates pronounced flexibility. Next to her textile technology, Baibulat applies traditional methods and procedures. The creative assembly process with crochet hooks, needles, thread, and buttons is possible at all times and places. The special material assortments, joined with her original humor, are the tokens and identification of Niran Baibulas’s art.

Glass Art 2007: Lasisirkus. Alma Jantunen und Johannes Rantasalo

The glass blowers Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo work functionally as well as artistically. Their projects and work represent their wide interests as well as the breadth of their capability. The two artists devote themselves to the artistic deployment of their own measures: Jantunen with artistic objects that radiate with glowing colours, and Rantasalo with multifaceted creations, recognizable through his composed and calm humour. Yes, both take on the demand of high quality as well as a very wide spectrum of production. In 1999, Jantunen and Rantasalo named the project Lasisirkus—Finnish for Glass Circus. Lasisirkus belongs to a Nuutajärvi-team of roughly fifteen glass blowers, all of which who split the same means of production, and who sell and exhibit the objects in their own gallery. The brightly-coloured and humorous glass objects and works from Lasisirkus are worth seeing—from the conception all the way to the finished product.

Grafia is the professional association of graphic designers in Finland and was founded in 1933. Grafia has set itself to the goal of strengthening Graphic Design, and to supervise the professional, legal and economical interests of those taking part. The roughly 800 members of Grafia are active in several different disciplines of Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing Communication, Digital Design, and Illustration, as well as the research and study of Graphic Design.

The association of Finnish designers Ornamo was founded in the year 1911. Ornamo is ideally and professionally anxious to convey the creations of its members. The roughly 1600 members comprise of Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, Interface Designers, Fashion and Textile Designers, and artists from the commercial art and material-oriented fields.
More Information:

The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
Secretary General Lena Strömberg, +358-9-68777477, +358-40-5057988,
Grafia Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland:
Communications Officer Katja Ojala,, +358-9-601942, +358-40-8473 875


Create Berlin Showroom im Postfuhramt
31.01.2007 - 19.10.2007

The first CREATE BERLIN Showroom at Postfuhramt Berlin opened on January 31st, 2007.

January 31st to March 2nd, 2007
Martini, Meyer present examples of their creativity from the last seven years. They have worked with such clients as DaimlerChrysler, das Werk, MTV Central and Elmar Flötotto. Their projects range from Interior and Product design to Communication and New Media.

April 20 – May 8, 2007
London’s and Berlin’s first street fashion blogs come together in Berlin for the opening of an exhibition of their work titled “Catwalk takes to the Streets”. The exhibition is accompanied by a Bloggers Meetup.
Produced in partnership with No.mad Agency.

12. - 30. Mai 2007
dan pearlman

8. - 29. Juni 2007
Outdoor Visions
With technical innovations, visionary forms, and brand new functions for outdoor lighting, what can be done to improve the illumination of our streets, plazas, and parks? This exhibition shows conceptual design for outdoor city lighting that the students of the University of Art in Industrial Design in Winter semester 06/07 will discover.
The se’lux Design Competition is a cooperative effort between the UdK Berlin and the Semperlux AG. The supervision is carried out by Professor Holger Neumann and Guest Professor Dr. Sabine Röck.

10. - 22. Juli 2007
Behind the Fashion Label POIL stand Thomas Peupelmann and Lotta Saas. The men’s label was founded in 2005. Since then, two collections of exclusive accessories have been produced per year. The collections are compositions of individualism and timeless design, displayed through their high standards of clarity and mobility. POIL’s team puts absolute priority in their high-quality guarantee.
The current collection ‘MAN LIFTER’ is dedicated to the daring adventures of the pioneers of flight, such as Sir Francis Cody, Louis Bleriot, and Charles Hamilton.

7. September 2007
Communicate: Kotoba
screenprinted artists books from japan and germany
CREATE BERLIN presents, within the Asia-Pacific weeks, Graphic designs from Japan and Germany.
The works of artists Mugi Takei, Ikuyo Tsukiyama and Mitsugi Sato (gallery itohen, Japan), as well as the images created by their German counterparts Tiziana Jill Beck, Off und Ida Wilde (Berlin) will be showcased.
The poetical and elegant graphics are very typical for Japanese poster art, and are seen as an established platform and own medium in the graphics and design art.

2. - 19. October 2007
CREATE BERLIN presents Valentin Fastabend
The project „berlin night sights” is composed of a series of video stills which exhibit daily experiences in Germany’s capital city. Various film effects are utilized to provide the viewer with several different impressions of the same area. The artists superimpose the images into a panorama, creating almost dreamlike interpretations of otherwise routine locations. The finished result is unlike any other Berlin experience, and leaves the viewers with plenty of room for their own interpretations.
The film works with images in motion. The viewers are pulled into the world of the film; each new image replaces the last before a chance for distraction presents itself. The time one spends on each frame is dictated by the technical apertures, making certain that lingering contemplation is made impossible. The experience of the city is driven by the dreamscapes presented, while the fast-paced tempo is dictated by the film itself. The viewer has no choice but to fully commit to the experience of the piece.
The series “berlin night sights” documents the choppy makeup of the city scenery, with every minute filled with more material of brief locations. The impression left is not so much that of photography and landscapes-- this piece is not a single moment to savour—but of time spans. Therefore, the resulting city panorama gives the location a strange new aesthetic.
The artist and filmmaker Valentin Fastabend was born in 1972 in Detmold/Westfalen. Since the mid-1990s, he has lived and worked in Berlin. After having studied Film Studies and Philosophy, he currently works as a director and digital artist for feature films and advertisements. Since 2004 he has presented his work in several galleries throughout Berlin.

Berlin Day in New York

Berlin in New York - From May, 10 2007 till November 2007, over 80 products of 20 Berlin Designers were sold in the MoMa Design Store. "Destination: Berlin" was the biggest sales exhibition of its kind in the MoMa Design Store. As highlight of the BERLIN DAY in New York, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, will open the exhibition “Suitcases from Berlin” on May 17.

MoMA takes Design from Europe’s No. 1 Creative Metropolis to New York. On recommendation by KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin ( and CREATE BERLIN, initiative for Berlin Designers, ( more than 80 products by over 20 Berlin Designers including Marlies von Soden, Roomsafari, Adam and Harborth as well as Bless will be sold in the MoMA Design Stores from May 10 until November 2007. With “Destination: Berlin"”, MoMA is presenting the biggest sales exhibition of this kind in its Design Stores and directs international focus towards Berlin as the first European city awarded the title “City of Design"” by UNESCO. In celebration of the official opening of “Destination: Berlin”" on May 17th, CREATE BERLIN and Berlin Partner GmbH, business development and city marketing agency, are organizing the BERLIN DAY.

Ambassadors of the Creative Industries and the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, represent the creative metropolis at the BERLIN DAY in New York on May 17, 2007.– On that day, New York will only talk about one topic: Creativity from Berlin. The BERLIN DAY is initiated by CREATE BERLIN in cooperation with Berlin Partner GmbH to boost and promote the international reputation of Berlin as a business and creative location. 30 ambassadors of Berlin’s creative sector will travel to New York for the BERLIN DAY. Important points on the agenda of the delegation from Berlin will be the opening of the exhibition “Koffer aus Berlin”" (Suitcase from Berlin), which was initiated and curated by CREATE BERLIN, and the visit of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit to the MoMA Design Store followed by the Berlin Party.
A business dinner with select New York guests is especially aimed at a linking of important multipliers within the creative industries of both cities. Berlin Partner hosts the event in the MoMA Restaurant The Modern featuring Berlin and New York cuisine presented by star chefs Semmler und Kreuther. This will be the place where the Berlin delegation meets influential multipliers and economic contacts from New York. And at the end of the day, the BERLIN DAY will shape New York’s nightlife: The band Mia will provide Berlin entertainment with a midnight concert – in the true fashion of the German capital.

CREATE BERLIN starts the International Campaign I LOVE BERLIN with the BERLIN DAY.
The BERLIN DAY in New York is the first mission and portrays CREATE BERLIN’s clear commitment to the new campaign I LOVE BERLIN, intended to be the link between world-wide design metropolises and Berlin. The I LOVE BERLIN mascot KOSMO guides visitors through this growing creative jungle of the design metropolises. As an adventure-loving cosmo-/ astronaut based in Berlin, it conquers the creative cities and puts down I LOVE BERLIN flags.

New York, May 17, 2007 – One of the BERLIN DAY highlights will be the opening of the exhibition “Koffer aus Berlin"” (Suitcase from Berlin) in the presence of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit. The exhibition that is initiated and curated by CREATE BERLIN features the contents of this suitcase, which was especially designed and packed for this exhibition by Berlin creatives. Just how much creativity fits into a suitcase is demonstrated by talents such as the shootingstars from Berlin’s Architecture scene, Graft, who attracted a lot of attention with their designs for the art gallery on the Berlin Schlossplatz, the castle square; Werner Aisslinger, the only German Designer represented at the MoMA with his own design chair; internationally renowned Berliners include DJ Paul van Dyk, the Illustrator Olaf Hajek and the Gestalten Verlag, Berlin Product Designers like Mykita and Zeha as well as the fashion labels Bless and Kaviar Gauche and the fashion designer Michael Michalsky. With their suitcases the creatives will travel to New York for the kick-off of this exhibition and will not only present their individual Berlin, but also a snapshot and a cross section of creativity from Berlin. The exhibition will be shown in Soho from May 17, 2007.

With more than 6,000 companies active in architecture, advertising, design, photography and the fine arts, Berlin is the undisputed design capital of Germany. In the past several years, numerous new ateliers have opened in the city and major corporations such as Volkswagen AG have transferred their design centers to the region in order to profit from the exciting and creative atmosphere. More than 10,000 people work in the design industry in Berlin creating an annual turnover of approximately 1.4 billion euro. Berlin is a city where fashion, media and graphic design engage in an ongoing creative exchange with product and furniture design. This productive synergy is embodied by companies such as Meta Design, Art+Com, Plex and Moniteurs. Therefore in November 2005, Berlin became the first European city to be designated by UNESCO as an official “City of Design”", thus ensuring its membership in an exclusive network of creative cities.


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