BOOK LAUNCH | German Fashion Design (1946-2012)


The mid-1980s were the first time people began to speak about “German Designers.” The old labels no longer exist, Joop now does Wunderkind, the Igedo fair is called CPD, and instead of traveling to the Munich Fashion Week you go to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and visit the Premium in Berlin, but the scene’s self-confidence grew—full of verve, its aim was to advance awareness of the history of German fashion, which had begun around 1900 with the studios near Berlin’s Hausvogteiplatz and reached a glamorous zenith with the post-war designers Oestergaard and Richter. Today, the annual sales volume of the German textile and clothing industry is about 20 bn Euros, with ex- ports ranging near 40 percent. Labels like Hugo Boss have stores all over the world. How did this all come about? When was which fair first launched, what is the story behind Bogner and James Bond, who is the Indian woman Megha Mittal, who saved Escada from bankruptcy? A reader about German fashion, its developments, trends, and its prospects.

With texts by Alfons Kaiser, Inga Griese, Cathy Boom, Marcus Luft, Melissa Drier, Eva Karcher, etc. and photos from Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von Unwerth, Joachim Baldauf, FC Gundlach, Charlotte March, Herbert Tobias, Christian von Alvensleben, Ralph Mecke, Esther Haase, Wolfgang Tillmans etc.

German Fashion Design (1946-2012)
Ed. Nadine Barth
300 Pages, Hardcover, 44 Euros
July 2011