Create Berlin Showroom im Postfuhramt

31.01.2007 - 19.10.2007

The first CREATE BERLIN Showroom at Postfuhramt Berlin opened on January 31st, 2007.

January 31st to March 2nd, 2007
Martini, Meyer present examples of their creativity from the last seven years. They have worked with such clients as DaimlerChrysler, das Werk, MTV Central and Elmar Flötotto. Their projects range from Interior and Product design to Communication and New Media.

April 20 – May 8, 2007
London’s and Berlin’s first street fashion blogs come together in Berlin for the opening of an exhibition of their work titled “Catwalk takes to the Streets”. The exhibition is accompanied by a Bloggers Meetup.
Produced in partnership with No.mad Agency.

12. - 30. Mai 2007
dan pearlman

8. - 29. Juni 2007
Outdoor Visions
With technical innovations, visionary forms, and brand new functions for outdoor lighting, what can be done to improve the illumination of our streets, plazas, and parks? This exhibition shows conceptual design for outdoor city lighting that the students of the University of Art in Industrial Design in Winter semester 06/07 will discover.
The se’lux Design Competition is a cooperative effort between the UdK Berlin and the Semperlux AG. The supervision is carried out by Professor Holger Neumann and Guest Professor Dr. Sabine Röck.

10. - 22. Juli 2007
Behind the Fashion Label POIL stand Thomas Peupelmann and Lotta Saas. The men’s label was founded in 2005. Since then, two collections of exclusive accessories have been produced per year. The collections are compositions of individualism and timeless design, displayed through their high standards of clarity and mobility. POIL’s team puts absolute priority in their high-quality guarantee.
The current collection ‘MAN LIFTER’ is dedicated to the daring adventures of the pioneers of flight, such as Sir Francis Cody, Louis Bleriot, and Charles Hamilton.

7. September 2007
Communicate: Kotoba
screenprinted artists books from japan and germany
CREATE BERLIN presents, within the Asia-Pacific weeks, Graphic designs from Japan and Germany.
The works of artists Mugi Takei, Ikuyo Tsukiyama and Mitsugi Sato (gallery itohen, Japan), as well as the images created by their German counterparts Tiziana Jill Beck, Off und Ida Wilde (Berlin) will be showcased.
The poetical and elegant graphics are very typical for Japanese poster art, and are seen as an established platform and own medium in the graphics and design art.

2. - 19. October 2007
CREATE BERLIN presents Valentin Fastabend
The project „berlin night sights” is composed of a series of video stills which exhibit daily experiences in Germany’s capital city. Various film effects are utilized to provide the viewer with several different impressions of the same area. The artists superimpose the images into a panorama, creating almost dreamlike interpretations of otherwise routine locations. The finished result is unlike any other Berlin experience, and leaves the viewers with plenty of room for their own interpretations.
The film works with images in motion. The viewers are pulled into the world of the film; each new image replaces the last before a chance for distraction presents itself. The time one spends on each frame is dictated by the technical apertures, making certain that lingering contemplation is made impossible. The experience of the city is driven by the dreamscapes presented, while the fast-paced tempo is dictated by the film itself. The viewer has no choice but to fully commit to the experience of the piece.
The series “berlin night sights” documents the choppy makeup of the city scenery, with every minute filled with more material of brief locations. The impression left is not so much that of photography and landscapes-- this piece is not a single moment to savour—but of time spans. Therefore, the resulting city panorama gives the location a strange new aesthetic.
The artist and filmmaker Valentin Fastabend was born in 1972 in Detmold/Westfalen. Since the mid-1990s, he has lived and worked in Berlin. After having studied Film Studies and Philosophy, he currently works as a director and digital artist for feature films and advertisements. Since 2004 he has presented his work in several galleries throughout Berlin.