DAS Weekend

28.01.2011 - 30.01.2011

Celebrating and showcasing Digital Art + Sound culture in Berlin

On the weekend prior to transmediale.11 & CTM.11 from 28 - 30 January, transmediale, CTM, Create Berlin and a multitude of Berlin partners together invite you to DAS Weekend.

This first edition draws attention to the many artists, spaces and initiatives active in Berlin with great commitment and exciting ideas to promote artistic work and discourse in the converging zones between digital arts, experimental music and sound.

On display at the CREATE BERLIN Showroom:

36 Hertz
New installations by Annika Hippler and mpathy studio

26 January - 4 February 2011
open daily from 10 am - 6 pm

Almstadtstrasse 35
10119 Berlin

Martine-Nicole Rojina (mpathy studio) specializes on multi-disciplinary collaboration between art and science. She works on her ideas together with scientists who are interested to present their results in a different context. The installation deals with the human heart's ability to compensate failure and is generated by vector based data from a MRI - creating completely new images so far unknown within the world of medicine.

In Annika Hippler's work "resonance" lasers are being projected on a projection surface or wall. Atmospheric sounds of different acoustic frequencies are audible. The Laser-Water-Sound installation modulates the laser´s light in a water basin directly through the sound. This means that the sound is translated to movements on the projection surface without any digital technique. Soundwaves are being transformed into visual waveforms on the projection surface. The waveforms are an exact translated image of the audible sound. Different acoustic frequencies will create distinct light formations which are changing according to the variations of the sound. The installation is conceptualized as a site-specific light installation which is adapted to the exhibition space. The synchronicity of light, shape and sound generates a synesthetic perception.

28 - 30 JANUARY 2011