Member News: The International Fashion School ESMOD Germany Berlin invites to Sainte Catherine 2010 – BAROCCO-CODE


"Baroque screams and propagates, Rococo whispers and absorbs."
Friedell (1878-1938)

The International fashion School ESMOD Berlin presents in 2010 the Sainte Catherine charity fashion performance and offers the chance to bask in the visual glory of hedonism, sensuality, debauchery, wealth and sophistication connected with a fulfilled aesthetics, romantic sentimentality and baroque opulence.

Barocco-code - ESMOD International Fashion School Berlin, under the artistic guidance from Anja Diefenbach (Costume Director at the FriedrichsstadtPalast Berlin) will show the expression of amusement in textile form. Taking into consideration historical details without a dogmatic approach, the focus will lay on the creativity and innovative approach of our first second and third year students. The theme angle will vary from cornfields to rose petal and lust scented feather beds of the aristocrats.

The first, second and third year students created 150 outfits inspired by three thematical landscapes:
First Year: Sweet harvests of the countryside / the garden of beauty
Second Year: The melancholy wreckage of glorious celebrations
Third Year: The magic of rustling illusiveness / real utopias / transient paradises
The proceeds and donations of the evening will support the work of I-Magine e.V. who support the Amani community in Kenia financially as well as offer them ways to help themselves. All donations received will help to provide food, drinking water, medication and education and bring them a brighter future.

Let yourself be swept away to another era through the creative interpretations of this sensous time period.

Where: Nikolaisaal, Wilhelm-Staab-Straße 10-11, 14467 Potsdam
When: Monday 13th of December 2010
Doors Open: 7:30 pm
Show: 8:30 pm

Tel. 030/611 22 14