Forget Berlin!

02.12.2010 - 07.01.2011

For the first time, Jacques et Brigitte show self-initiated works, which reflect their passion for design and products in their exhibition FORGET BERLIN at the CREATE BERLIN showroom.

FORGET BERLIN deals with the intense engagement with their adopted city, Berlin. Many of their works over the last four years broach the issue of the big city and its absence at the same time. Their passions for the alpine mountains, on which peaks you can enjoy endless vastnesses, influence their work in the same way as the multi layered aspects of the metropolis.

The CREATE BERLIN Showroom is made possible through the support of one strong partner: BERLINER BANK. The BERLINER BANK supports innovation and the growth of the creative industries in Berlin.

The lighting structure is provided with kind support by CREATE BERLIN member Semperlux.