Daniel Dendra is introducing the Open Source Design Network : OpenSimSim


OpenSimSim is one out of fifty official projects curated by Pritzker Prize winner Kazuyo Sejima for the 12th venice Architecture Biennale in Venice.

OpenSimSim is a new open source design network that is developing architectural design with the help of the web2.0 community. The web2.0 community can actively participate in the design process through a commenting and sharing interface on the internet already now.

Open Source is changing many aspects of our every day life. We use open source tools such as wikipedia for researching information and gaining knowledge. We use open source software such as OpenOffice to write letters and make presentations. We are shifting from a corporation owned consumer world to a community driven participation system where people are enjoying to contribute their knowledge and time to the wider public for free.

Could architecture and urbanism also benefit from this ideas? 98% of the world wide house building market (residential) are not designed and built by architects. OpenSource will gain credibility as well as market shares for the architectural community.

OpenSimSim.net is a community driven platform that enhances the architectural design and building process. Open source architecture deals with wide range, innovative and sustainable housing concepts. It provides user generated content including scripting tools and with it valuable knowledge.

The design process and realization of architecture are defined in a contemporary way: An interested community such as architects, engineers, climate specialists, home owners, designers and manufactures are putting their input and feedback into the design.

It is available to everybody who cares about the world of design and the design of the world.

The goal is to define new objectives, develop strategies to initiate activities, meet people in architecture, make the design process more transparent and create new visions. Architectural design for homes should be for free, as long it is sustainable.

The key players in the process are:
perspective home owners - architects - manufacturers - engineers and scientists

OpenSimSim is founded by Daniel Dendra (anOtherArchitect), Peter Ruge and Loom Webworks.

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