New Year's Reception of Berlin's Creative Minds

04.01.2009 - 06.01.2009

From January the 4th to 6th CREATE BERLIN presents the exhibition “20 Years Since the Fall of the Wall—Free Space” at the Schlossplatz. On January 6th, 2009, CREATE BERLIN, Vitra, minimum einrichten and the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin for the New Year’s Reception of Berlin Creatives. The reception will be opened by the Mayor of Berlin and the Senator of Economics, Harold Wolf, as well as the executive of Vitra, Rudolf Pütz.

The Creatives are first: On January 6th, 2008, the ambassadors of the creative economy are invited to the New Year’s Reception at the historic Schlossplatz. At the startof the year, the Interior Design Specialist Vitra, the Berlin Furniture Specialist minimum einrichten with shops in Stilwerk, and the Design Network CREATE BERLIN are invited to the Temporären Kunsthalle Berlin. Next to the ambassadors of the creative branches, the New Year’s Reception aligns itself with those working in the fields of politics, economics, media, art, and culture. The aim of the New Year’s Reception is to bring the branches of the creative economy and its embassies even closer together.

The Creatives are also the first to approach the topic of 1989 – 2009 and the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In the exhibition “20 Years Since the Fall of the Wall—Freespace,” CREATE BERLIN presents the 20 most innovative interdisciplinary creative concepts from the UNESCO awarded City of Design. In September 2008, CREATE BERLIN initiated a competition between roughly 80 interdisciplinary teams, resulting in the opportunity to appear in the international exhibition CREATE BERLIN GOES LONDON in the British Metropolis.

The decisions were made by a jury composed of Prof. François Burkhardt, the Design Theorist and former executive of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Prof. Erik Spiekermann, the Typographer who was voted the first Designer in the Hall of Fame of the European Design Awards for Communication Design in 2007 as well as the winner of the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Prof. Stephan Schneider, the Professor of the Berlin UdK following Vivienne Westwood.

Under this exclusive symposia lies a plethora of exciting projects, such as those of the creative teams COORDINATION und They photographed a reflective polygonal object in a variety of locations along the path of the former Berlin Wall in order to accentuate the perspectives of the different facets of Berlin. The Product Designer Tina Roeder, who studied at the Central St. Martins College in London, and her team partner David Krings, Alumnus of the Art Academy in Arnheim, are also worth noticing. They create icons of a modern Berlin, depicting approximations of the Pergamon Museum via their detail-rich reliefs and sculptures. Their motifs mirror the History of Berlin of the 21st Century. The following teams will be displayed:

Coordination (Interior) + (Photography) ||| :: dan pearlman (Brand ID) + Arsmatho (Art) ||| ett la benn (Product) + Kvadrat Deutschland (Textile) ||| Heike Buchfelder (Design) und Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (art&composition) ||| Susanne Philippson (Product) + Peter Ibrügger (Graphic) ||| Llot Llov (Product) + lalaberlin (Fashion) ||| (Product) + Linda Kostowski (Fashion) ||| Schalalala (Concept/ Interface) + Horst Schulz (Knitting) ||| MAGMA Brand Design (Graphic) + xplicit Berlin (Graphic) ||| Josephine Rank (Graphic) + mijuly & ca (Communication Design) ||| Alexander Kaszubiak (Cancer Research) + Helge-Christian Schmidt (Fashion) ||| Tina Roeder Studio (Product) + David Krings (Ceramics) ||| ART+COM (New Media) + büro+staubach (Product) ||| Design Reaktor Berlin ||| Eer (Media Art) + esespe (Literature) ||| c.neeon (Fashion) + (Communication + Design) ||| MetaDesign (New Media/ Graphic Design) + Pixelpark AG (New Media) ||| KEX Spitzenkultur (Fashion) + Zeitgeist Toys (Art) ||| Sense. Sensitive. Design. Team (Medicine, Interior, Fashion, Communication, Sound) ||| (Architecture) + Âme Soeur by Taschén ( Fashion)