Creative Spree - Shanghai

15.11.2007 - 21.11.2009

Designers and artists showcase their Berlin-inspired works at the exhibition “CREATIVE SPREE” taking place in Shanghai from November 15th to 21st 2007.
After the Asia- Pacific weeks in Berlin CREATE BERLIN continues to build international design networks, this time linking Berlin design scene and its creative potential with Asia.

SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE INDUSTRY WEEK (SICIW), a lifestyle and design fair, is the chosen platform for the “CREATIVE SPREE"” exhibition. Various imaginative and inventive works by young and established product- and fashion designers and graphic artists from the German capital will be showcased on 200 esq. large exhibition spaces.

CREATE BERLIN, that organises and curates “CREATE SPREE"” exhibition in Shanghai, aims to link with this particular project the businesses and creative industries in Berlin and Asia – an idea that Asian-Pacific weeks in Berlin successfully started with. The SICIW, with its established networks and publicity attracting representatives in politics, businesses and culture, seems a perfect platform for their ambitious initiative.

Shanghai is the next project, the door opener for CREATE BERLIN to consequently follow within the declared agenda to support Berlin’s talents and creative industries and to promote German capital as a vibrant and creative city. The show in Shanghai enables CREATE BERLIN to access important distributional areas and markets and to provide Berlin talents with first-hand direct contacts with key producers and manufacturers.

“CREATIVE SPREE"” showcases such designers and labels as Kaviar Gauche (fashion), the winner of the Karstadt New Generation Award at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in July 2007. Miroike are another creative duo, both have been taught by the British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood, and have had regular shows in Paris and Berlin. The label Smeilinener has made their debut in Berlin too, and acclaimed recognition with their avant-garde and colourfully daring fashion at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Graphics and illustrative arts are represented through the original and very creative works by Jacques et Brigitte, the winner of the Print Magazine’s European Design Annual 2007, and by the group Pfadfinderei known for their Labstyle Performance evenings and the vector graphic shows. Product designers participating are Susanne Philippson – her furniture and lamps are produced by Pallucco, Habitat and Droogs, and internationally established COORDINATION design group known for their ambitious and daring works.

The exhibition "CREATIVE SPREE" was set up in "Old Mill Fun", an old factory in Shanghai.