Amnesty International is a worldwide member's organization, independent from governments, political parties, ideologies, economical interests or religions. Based on the International Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty works against grave violations of Human Rights. The organization is part of a movement where people come together to advocate Human Rights - not on an abstract level, but very much concrete and for thousands who are in danger right now. In 1977, Amnesty International was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize. More than two million people worldwide are engaged in activities for Amnesty International. They stand up for the victims, and protect defenders of Human Rights. In Germany there are around 100.000 volunteers. CREATE INPUT welcomes Markus N. Beeko, who since 2004 is responsible for the Campaign and Communication Department at Amnesty International. As a member of the Global Communications Group, a steering unit for the global communication of Amnesty, he played a leading role in the development of a first worldwide Brand Identity for the largest international Human Rights Organization.

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