JITTER – Magazine for Illustration


"Illustration is popular, Illustration is in!" The multi-faceted "Renaissance" of Illustration climbs to the ranks of the better-known branches extemporaneously: Decades of marginalization have left the field of illustration to lie ever depraved in a wasteland of neglect. Behind the boisterous intensity of the effervescently stylistic diversity lies an extensive, silent void. Has illustration been hiding itself purposefully within the silent grip of production manipulation, or is there simply just nothing more for it to say? More than simply the illustration of fiction and non-fiction, Illustration means creating visual arguments and observable acts, as well as decorating, marketing, and creating an ocular riot. Illustration thrusts forward, demands attention, creates suspicions, and pulls viewers in. But this raises the question: What is Illustration? Kitsch, Art… Science? The combined perplexity of the issue is the motivation behind a journal that altercates the media via its traditional and CG images. JITTER – Magazine for Illustration aims to push illustrators into the public conscious as specialists. Therefore, JITTER binds Illustration, Comics, and Animation with more comprehensive themes like music, laughter, fashion, and urbanism into one conglomerated interdisciplinary field of au courant interest. Andreas Rauth, the founder of JITTER, will present his magazine on November 27th at 7:30pm at the Münzsalon. The focal point of the current issue is Laughter. Andreas Rauth is an illustrator, teacher, and a publicist. He studied Art History as well as Business Communication, and has illustrated for advertisement and publishing companies like Henkel, Spiegel Spezial, Das Magazin, and Psychologie Haus since 1992. From 2000-2007, he was an Assistant Lecturer at the German Film School, and he still leads numerous seminars in the field of composition and print to this day. He is also the author of Illustration with Photoshop, Galileo Publishing, Bonn 2004. In 2006, he founded the journal JITTER – Magazine for Illustration.

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