Bell Mag No. 2 - blue 7

06.05.2008 - 27.06.2008

Bell Vol. 2 and bell box; from May 16 - June 27, 2008 presented by CREATE BERLIN

The second issue of Bell Magazine titled “blue 7” will be released on May 5, 2008, as a limited edition collector box with contributions created especially around the theme “blue 7.” The exclusive box was created in cooperation with bell and CREATE BERLIN, the initiative for Berlin creativity and design.

In its second issue, Bell Magazine and the Bell Box focus conceptually on the "blue-seven” phenomenon." Since the 70s, it's been a known fact that when people are asked about their favourite colour and number, the majority will list the colour “blue” and the number "7." Bell Vol 2. investigates this mass cultural phenomenon of ours while simultaneously raising standards of beauty and design.

Featuring theoretical contributions as well as design and art objects, the creative contributors take on such questions of our time: Is it desirable to create art or design that appeals to a large audience? Should art and design cater to an audience or provoke them? Does one, as a designer or artist, use his or her own insight to appeal to mass taste, or does oen seek to change this taste through creativity alone?

In interpreting these questions, bell gave the artists, designers, architects and theoreticians free creative reign to explore. By itself, the title "blue 7"” compels designers to develop the creative objects and artistic contributions according to their individual visions and to take up positions in relation to their work in the interviews featured in the accompanying Bell Magazine.

The diverse nature of the box has been shaped by artists and designers and features a special musician-designed music box by FS Blumm (Morr Music), jewelry made from purple rubber by product designer Ursula Bonderer, as well as a poster created by street-artist Nomad. Designer Andrea Pößnicker has also produced for the box an extravagant currency for consumers with an affinity for design.

Addressing theoretically the theme "blue 7"” lies with Design Professor Charly Frech (founder of Next At), philosopher Jörg Schäfer and Inga Wellmann (Einstein Forum), who take up their positions on the mass phenomenon in either a very personal manner or in the form of an objective analysis.

The release of Bell Vol. 2 will also be accompanied by an exhibition at the CREATE BERLIN Showroom from May 15 - June 27, 2008. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the presentation, creative curiosity and a passion for collecting is likely to be rediscovered. During the opening celebration, artists and designers will present their ideas in person.

With "blue 7," Bell and CREATE BERLIN present an extraordinary overall concept and unparalleled critical showing of art & design!

Facts and Details
Release date and opening reception at the CREATE BERLIN Showroom | May 16.2008
Box dimensions | 26 x 18 x 9 cm
Magazine | 64 pages (optional 80 pages)
Price | 80 Euro
Edition | 500 copies

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