Designers from Finland

04.04.2008 - 04.05.2008

CREATE BERLIN presents award winner designers from Finland

The Finnish Design Association presents the award-winning Finnish designers and artists from the 2007 annual Finnish Designers Exhibition.

The award-winning designers and artists of 2007 will be presented by HelsinKissBerlin in the showroom of CREATE BERLIN, the initiative for Berlin creativity and design, from April 4th – May 4th 2008, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, as well as on the weekends from noon to 6:00pm.
The Finnish Designers Exhibition ’07 opens on April 4th, 2008, at 8:00pm at CREATE BERLIN, Wallstrasse 16, 10179 Berlin. Welcome!

Graphic Designer 2007: dog design. Ilona Ilottu, Petri Samela and Eeva Sivula

Ilona Ilottu, Petri Salmela und Eeva Sivula, together known as the graphic design group dog design, have been known throughout Finland for 15 years via their work in Visual Communication. The clear and innovative lines of dog design’s work delight viewers through the outstanding quality of their various visual projects, from the stamps and book covers to the look of the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki 2007. dog design puts emphasis on the function of their products, without ever neglecting the application of exceptional aesthetics and design as well. dog design has been a vital asset to the value and progression of Finnish design.

Fashion Designer 2007: Anna-Kaisa Huttunen

The Fashion Designer Anna-Kaisa Huttunen is back in Finland after spending several years abroad. Her specialty is the rapidly expanding field of Occupational Outfitting, with emphasis on entrepreneurs. Her projects are international, with Paris acting as her fulcrum for over ten years. Anna-Kaisa Huttunens works currently with the Finnish airline Finnair, incorporating ideas from both France and Lebanon. Huttunen also spent years teaching Fashion Design at the Esmod School in Lebanon, as well as in China. Huttunen exerts an ever-growing influence on the design scene via her unique creative techniques on both Finland and the world abroad.

Industrial Designer 2007: Matti Makkonen

When one thinks of Industrial Designer Matti Makkonen, the first thing that comes to mind is innovation. For over 30 years, he has been engaged with a plethora of exceedingly different design projects: from the tiniest pipettes, to industrial machines, to ocean liners. Not to mention the fact that the Finnish mobile phone “Mobira Cityman” bears his signature. His integrated approach stands for ergonomics and practical adaptability, and is made possibly through the unprecedented creativity and productivity of his team of engineers and colleagues. Makkonen objects are clearly identified via their durability and coherent designs. Matti Makkonen is the leading partner of Ed-Design, the Turkey-based Design Initiative.

Furniture Designer 2007: Antti Kotilainen

The Furniture Designer Antti Kotilainen has applied herself to several multifaceted projects, from complete and elaborate fixtures in public schools to arrangements in several different interior decoration projects from Formel-I-Rennstrecken. Antti Kotilainen puts special emphasis on raising the level of comfort and well-being in public places. She and her products find themselves currently engaged in a team effort with renounced firms of the furniture industry, such as Piiroinen, who has existed as an intensive contact for 7 years. Also, the firm known in professional circles as “Chip-Stuhl” reflects the clear concept design of Antti Kotilainen especially well, and is a fundamental element of her legend of achievement.

Textile Designer 2007: Niran Baibulat

Niran Baibulat’s textile design is known through a special connection to natural appearance. Through her numerous fields of application, she demonstrates pronounced flexibility. Next to her textile technology, Baibulat applies traditional methods and procedures. The creative assembly process with crochet hooks, needles, thread, and buttons is possible at all times and places. The special material assortments, joined with her original humor, are the tokens and identification of Niran Baibulas’s art.

Glass Art 2007: Lasisirkus. Alma Jantunen und Johannes Rantasalo

The glass blowers Alma Jantunen and Johannes Rantasalo work functionally as well as artistically. Their projects and work represent their wide interests as well as the breadth of their capability. The two artists devote themselves to the artistic deployment of their own measures: Jantunen with artistic objects that radiate with glowing colours, and Rantasalo with multifaceted creations, recognizable through his composed and calm humour. Yes, both take on the demand of high quality as well as a very wide spectrum of production. In 1999, Jantunen and Rantasalo named the project Lasisirkus—Finnish for Glass Circus. Lasisirkus belongs to a Nuutajärvi-team of roughly fifteen glass blowers, all of which who split the same means of production, and who sell and exhibit the objects in their own gallery. The brightly-coloured and humorous glass objects and works from Lasisirkus are worth seeing—from the conception all the way to the finished product.

Grafia is the professional association of graphic designers in Finland and was founded in 1933. Grafia has set itself to the goal of strengthening Graphic Design, and to supervise the professional, legal and economical interests of those taking part. The roughly 800 members of Grafia are active in several different disciplines of Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing Communication, Digital Design, and Illustration, as well as the research and study of Graphic Design.

The association of Finnish designers Ornamo was founded in the year 1911. Ornamo is ideally and professionally anxious to convey the creations of its members. The roughly 1600 members comprise of Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, Interface Designers, Fashion and Textile Designers, and artists from the commercial art and material-oriented fields.
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The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo:
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Grafia Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland:
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